Apple iOS/ Smart TV’s/Roku

Stream Telecast has a very simple self-install anyone can do.

Upon purchase accounts go into the activation phase. Once activated customers will receive an "Account Information" email.  Inside the email they'll find their username, password, and complete install guide with step by step instructions for whatever device they may have.  This guide will have instructions on how to install on Fire devices, Android Boxes, iOS products, PC, etc.

Accounts typically activate within the hour but may take up to 24 hours to complete. If you do not see your email please make sure to check the Spam/Junk folder.

 For your convenience we have included install instructions for Fire TV, Sticks & Android devices below:


Please be aware your initial parental lock code is

If you have FileLinked our file code is: 70551854

Apple iOS/ Smart TV’s/Roku

Installing Stream Telecast on iOS/Apple devices is possible by use of a third party app called TVID Pro. It can be found in the Apple App Store. To Install Stream Telecast on Apple devices you will need to complete the following steps below. There will be a new working Stream Telecast Pro app for Apple devices to be released in the near future.

For Roku please search Mastermind on your roku device and enter this code E6FADD then your username & password.

That's it! To switch services, log out and log back in with correct credentials!

Please Note:  We strongly encourage our Roku customers to consider Stream Telecast Premier.  It has its own app on the market that has be optimized specifically for the device. 

After TVID Pro is installed your Stream Telecast account information will be entered in using these quick steps.

  1. Once you download the Smarters IPTV app you will see a screen that asks for your login details.
  2. In the first box type in Stream Telecast or Live TV. Note: on some devices there are only 3 boxes. If this applies to you skip this step and go straight to entering your username. 
  3. In box two enter your LIVE TV username.
  4. In the third box enter your password.
  5. Finally in the fourth box enter the LIVE TV URL and select next. 
  6. Lastly, select login. .
  7. When successful you will see 2 screens appear. The Smarters app Home screen and the Channel loading screen.
  8. On the home screen you should notice an account button (on most devices it looks like the silhouette of two people and arrows around them) click on that and enter in your ON-DEMAND credentials using the steps above with the exception of entering in the last box.

*For a better viewing experience we suggest making a few adjustments in the settings section of the TVID Pro app. Note: depending on the device you may have limited setting control. 

  • Under Settings go to General Setting and uncheck AutoStart on Bootup
  • Next go to Stream Format and select MPEGTS (ts.)
  • Next Time Format select 12hr.
  • Under EPG Timeline make sure “All Channels” is selected
  • Next go to Player Settings and select Hardware Decoder