Terms of service

By purchasing any service and/or product from this website (streamtelecast.com), you agree to the terms of service on this page.


Must have a supported device and HIGH-SPEED INTERNET. A speed of AT LEAST 50mbps RUNNING THROUGH THE DEVICE you are using is recommended, as well as a direct connection via ethernet cable. A device with available memory and sufficient hardware is required. Any device older than 4 years is not recommended.


Your account will begin to work after you receive the “Activation Information” email. Please do not email asking for account status if you have not received this email yet. It may take 12-24 hours; however, accounts are usually activated within the hour. Please check your spam/junk folder. Also please keep in mind we are in the Eastern Time Zone.


After your purchase, refunds are not accepted. It costs us money to create accounts; therefore, refunds are not accepted after purchase under any circumstances. We will offer support to fix user end issues. 


If the monthly recurring payment fails to be charged service can and will be suspended. We will then make 7 more attempts to draw the funds over the next 14 days. If the payment still fails service will be canceled and the account will be closed. Service can be reactivated after closer with a written request at the current package prices. All special pricing (a.k.a. Grandfathered pricing) if applicable will be removed. We do not charge late fees. 


We offer support for the duration of your subscription by email, phone, text, support ticket, and help center website. If unforeseen circumstances happen it could take up to 24 hours or more for support to respond.  Support is offered during our normal business hours of 10:00AM - 8:00PM Monday - Friday and 10:00AM - 6:00PM on Saturdays, ET. We are closed on Sundays and offer support through our ticket system after hours. We observe the right to close on any other day, and certain holidays, which will be determined solely by us. 


We reserve the right to control content on Stream Telecast. We may add or remove channels, movies, series, episodes, and/or features at any time. In order to keep the service running at its best, you may experience intermittent down time for maintenance.


All requests are added to the cue on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We reserve the right to deny any request we feel will hinder or obstruct the performance of our service. We will do our best to add all requests made but there must be a reliable and affordable source to obtain the request from. All requests only pertain to video-on-demand and no live tv requests will be granted. 


By clicking "Place my order", you confirm that your subscription will automatically renew, and your credit card will automatically be charged the subscription price according to the Order summary section of the order/cart summary page until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelation requests made after normal business hours will not be honored until the following business day during normal business hours.


A premium VPN will be offered to members, that request it, free of charge. This VPN is a separate entity from Stream Telecast and we have no bearing on it, of any kind. We consider this a feature and observe the right to change VPN providers and/or discontinue use, or offering one free of charge, at any time.  


This is exactly that, a bonus. It is not meant to replace your main content or service. This is an additional feature, and we will make no attempts to trouble shoot or give any technically support pertaining to it. Members may fill out support tickets and we will take them into consideration. But no "live support" will be given.