How to Update the Stream Telecast app

March 30 '23

We have released Version 4 of our Stream Telecast app.  Here's how to install it.

  1.  First head to settings of your device and then to "My Fire TV."  Select "Developer options" and then "Install unknown apps" and press on it.
  2. Turn "ON" our app, if it is not already, and then press the "Home button" on your remote.
  3. Open our application and you'll be greeted with our download message.
  4. Press on Update.
  5. Next select by APK
  6. Let the APK download.
  7. Install the application.
  8. After installation you must RESTART your FireStick by going to settings of your device and then selecting "My Fire TV." 
  9. Finally, scroll down and press on Restart (make sure you do not select Restore) and confirm you want to restart your device.
  10. If you still have an issue logging in you may need to uninstall the app and install the new version. Let us know if you need those instructions.

Note: If you do not restart your device the application will not function properly. You may want to unplug your router for a few minutes too.  

Note: If you get a message saying app not installed, your device is low on storage. You will need to clear space in order to complete the update.  Or uninstall your current app and install the latest version  

Note: You may lose your favorites after the update.  We are applogize ahead of time if this happens.