News & Updates

We are going to be making a few changes to our services moving forward. These are nothing to extreme or anything to worry about, and hopefully you'll find them to be positive.

1. Package names. The packages will be as follows: LIVE and LIVE ++ will remain the same since we no longer offer those packages to new members. LIVE + will now be known as Alpha. LIVE CDN will be called Beta. Nothing is changing with the packages except the names.

2. BONUS has officially closed. Our source for the service has decided to close shop and we can no longer offer it.

3. The addition of Omega. Since, BONUS has ended we have decided to offer an add-on service called Omega. This is only offered as an add-on service to your main package and different from BONUS in a few ways.

  • First, we are in control of it. It is directly from us but uses different servers, data centers, sources, and we've hired a separate development team to control it. Making it completely independent from our other packages.
  • Secondly, you will get 3 or 5 simultaneous connections just like your main package.
  • Thirdly, it comes with almost 8000 channels, tons of movies and series, and thousands of 24-7 channels too.
  • Finally, you can add this service to your existing package for a ridiculously low price. Only $5.00 for 3 connections and $10.00 for 5 monthly. This makes it extremely affordable, and we strongly recommended everyone at least consider adding it.

It really is a great addition and will really help if we ever have to go offline for repairs or a channel is down.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in adding Omega to your package.

4. An update to an app. The IBO Player Pro has been updated to version 3.9. The latest update adds an option to select between two different internal players. This update is only for Android and Fire devices.

Here is how to update your app if using a Fire device.

5. In addition to the IBO Player Pro we have decided to offer a different version called the IBO Pro TV Player. Give it a try if you want. You may like it better.

It has a slightly different interface, the guide actually has program descriptions, it's very fast loading, and has stream reconnect if the stream becomes stagnant due to internet fluctuation. Also, it has an extremely easy installation procedure (the app is right on the Amazon App Store). *NOTE: You do not have to switch to this application. The IBO Player Pro will still continue to work just fine. However, new members will be given the Pro TV Player by default. Sorry this version of the IBO app is not available on Roku devices. If you have Roku, please continue to use the IBO Player Pro.

Click here to learn how to install the IBO Pro TV Player.