BONUS content released

As we continue to grow more and more members are joining from all across the globe. We have members literally spanning from America to Australia and places in between. A much larger footprint than we could have ever imagined. 

But this leads us to the question, “When do we do routine maintenance?” What might be overnight to you could be prime time to someone else. So the answer is clearly, there is no appropriate time.  

For this reason the only solution was to offer “bonus content.” Content that was completely separate from any of our other services and make it available to all.  

Starting March 1st every member will be getting an additional connection of this BONUS content. That's like having 2 services in one!  The additional content will have hundreds of channels and tons of additional movies and series. If we don't have something on your main service check BONUS, it may be there.

This system is not meant to replace your existing service but to complement it.  

Now there are somethings to keep in mind.  We are not charging extra for the bonus material and are absorbing the cost.  However, because of this it is for 1 connection at a time only.  Also, we are not going to spend hours trying to trouble shoot when it’s not your main service.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to report issues. Of course we do. But, for example, if ESPN isn’t playing on the bonus system, but is working perfectly on your main system, we wouldn’t necessarily consider that high priority. At the same time, if you are having an issue on your main service and haven’t checked to see if things are playing on BONUS, you aren’t using the system how it was intended.

One of the biggest benefits to having this content is it will help us determine where issues are stemming from. Meaning, it’s kind of like having a cell phone with both Verizon and AT&T on it. If your calls are sounding muffled and weak with both providers you wouldn’t ask “What is going on with Verizon and AT&T?” You would question “What’s going on with my phone or WiFi?” The chances of your main service and bonus both having issues at the same time are very slim. If they are we can confidently narrow it down to your device or internet provider.

Anyway, we've went on enough, here's how to access the additional content. 

Logging into the BONUS content

On the home screen of the app, in the top right corner, you’ll notice a door icon. Once pressed on confirm you want to exit (Don’t worry you won’t lose your favorites) and then select BONUS from the drop-down menu.  Your credentials will be the same for both your main service and the additional content.  Press on Login to access the contents. Repeat the process selecting either your main service or BONUS to toggle between them.

If you use the EZ Player or iMPlayer please reach out to us and we'll give you instructions on how to access the additional content.  

** For some members your credentials had to change for security purposes.  Please contact us if you try to log in and it does not accept your credentials.  



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